Monday, May 11, 2009

Things that make me happy

Yesterday, was a beautiful day. That made me happy.

Yesterday, I finished compiling my English Portfolio, and realized that it was awesome. That made me happy.

Yesterday, I picked flowers. Lily of the Valley, to be exact. That made me happy.

After I brought them inside and put them into a fancy shot-glass, *ahem,* vase, I went back to doing my homework. That made me a little sad.

But I could still smell the faint aroma of Lily of the Valley clinging to my fingers. That made me happy.


Today, I was told that a not so good grade I got on a French test wouldn't be counted toward my overall grade. That made me happy.

Today, I took a physics test. That made me feel okay.
While taking the physics test, and blanking on an answer, I got a thumbs-up from somebody in the hallway. That made me very happy. (I wish I could have done something more interesting then wave back. I'll brainstorm some more about this.)

Today, I went on a 35 minute run.
My running group left without me. That was a little sad.
Instead, I went on a 20 minute run with some of my friends on the track team, and ran an extra 15 minutes alone. That made me happy.

While on my 15 minutes of alone time, I got waved to by a very tall 8th grader who was playing tennis, I watched several events of a middle school track meet, and I almost got hit in the face by a frisbee that was thrown by (Varsity?) Boys Tennis team who were playing an intense game of Ultimate Frisbee.

I think that the first bit made me feel happy, the middle bit made me feel happy (and a little weird), and the third bit made me fear for my life, my face, and made me very happy.


The past two days have made me happy.

I hope it stays like this.

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  1. Very happy post!

    I'm a big fan of physics and Lily of the Valley.

    Congratulations, on your fun days.