Sunday, May 3, 2009


A blog. Strange.

Anyway, what's with that name?
Pi's the limit. [Not P is the limit, because that's silly.]
And yes, that is all I could think of. I'm a geek, dork, freak, and all around uncool person. I like math. And pi. And pie.

A blog? What for?
Do I really need a reason? I like to talk, I like to write, and (hoping that the two don't cancel each other out) I hope that I like to blog.

I'm planning on using this space to keep the ravenous masses informed as to what I'm doing, every single minute of every single day. But not really. I'll probably spend a large amount of time rambling about nothing, the occasional post about photography, angry posts about things nobody cares about, a good deal of promotion for sites that I like/am a member of, and tapirs. Lots of tapirs.

Who are you?
A girl. Fifteen. Enjoys tea, books, and most other things that happen to cross my path.

You'll find out more later.

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  1. your quote just like the number im going to infinity makes no sense to me could you explain?