Wednesday, January 12, 2011

hello there!

so, I'm sure you're on the edge of your seats wondering how I've been. the wait is over! I'm at my home away from home right now, and not going to work because of the snow.

I've been working with a photographer monday/wednesday/friday. after bouncing around with several potential portfolio subjects, I settled last friday on a project that I'll be sure to share once it's complete. My work days are spent getting pictures, getting cold, and eating applesauce. I also occupy some of my time compiling a list of reasons of how and why the photographer is very possibly Santa Claus.

two days a week, tuesday/thursday, I am working with the lovely illustrator Sophie Blackall. I spend most of my time engaged in an ongoing death cage match with the printer, although occasionally we form a truce and it coughs out a couple of prints suitable for shipping. I've also done some preliminary image research for an upcoming picture book, and accompanied Sophie to a meeting about the cover for her book of Missed Connections at a publishing house. When not doing any of those activities, we drink hot beverages (Sophie takes coffee, I take tea) and sit at her dining room table.

various other things about the month thus far...

I still can't distinguish between Uptown and Downtown. Most of the time I get it right. Some of the time I inadvertently travel to Brooklyn or the Bronx.

I've met Boba Fett, and he plays the accordion.

Lovely looking strangers sometimes smile at you. in response, awkward (but hopefully occasionally lovely) girls sometimes fall a little bit in love.

No social life? No problem! I've got yarn and needles and even a small library of science fiction and Shakespeare and probably don't really need human interaction anyway.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New York

in the month of january, I'm interning with two different artists in New York. but don't worry about missing me too much, I'll still be here for you to talk to.

my packing list was divided into four subcategories: don't be naked, you smell, sweet kicks bro, and stuffy stuff.

each subcategory was organized by a hierarchy of importance. more important than pants, apparently, is socks, and mo socks. because I need to stress the importance of having many socks. also, the category of stuffy stuff (which was all of the things that didn't neatly fall into the other categories) shows that I favor yarn and tea above cell phones and all of my various chargers.

my priorities are peculiar.

happy 2011!