Sunday, October 31, 2010

oh for piet's sake

Happy Halloween!

the fact is, this costume is terrifying. It shows that someday I will be destined/doomed to be a starving art major.

I went to the art museum on one of the last days before school started (has it really been that long?) and picked up some post cards to decorate with. One of them was a piece by Piet Mondrian, and I guess that might be where this whole thing started.

The dress is the product of a Sunday afternoon, and a couple of days of work during the week after cross country practice and homework.

I bought 2 yards of white, and half a yard each of blue, red, and a goldenrod that I want to pretend is yellow. I used less than half of each of those amounts, but it's always best to buy more than you need because I will inevitably mess up with something. I also used 12 yards of black bias tape and methods that might make a better seamstress weep.

the neckline fit rather poorly when I finished it, so I fixed it the only way I know how... with a pleat.

total for the project- $15.00. I hope people won't judge me if I wear this forever.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


our aversion to the most minor pains is perplexing. popping little white asprin and blue drug store pain relievers at the exact times that are laid out by the bottle- two pills every eight hours, or some variation thereon, so that we don't have to feel anything at all.

sometimes I subscribe to it. I won't lie- I don't like feeling discomfort any more than the average person and I have an unbelievably low tolerance for pain. and sometimes it's necessary- I'm in no means trying to argue that relief from pain is bad.

but sometimes I think that feeling the hurt might be good. because I'm too young to hurt in any real way, and sometimes the dull throbbing helps to anchor me. feeling the aches and the strains and hearing the hollow echos of cracking joints is a constant reminder of something. I don't know what- but it's something and isn't that enough? It's like always being aware of a dedication to something: I hurt because I run, and I run because I love it.

I thought that this would become more eloquent as I wrote it, but it ended into an incoherent mess. (as per usual). I've got shin splints in my right leg and I'm acutely aware of that fact every time I try to move, but I've also got the fastest times that I've ever run. I've never run myself this hard before, and I'm happy with how things are going.

Monday, October 18, 2010

here are some haiku

I wrote them today
aren't I just so so clever?
please don't judge me now.


absolutely adequate.
today I ate soup.

not smarter than her.
I'm doomed to be second best.
at least I'm pretty.

I am awkward, but
it could always be much worse
like Michael Cera.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

frankenstein was a pirate

I found treasures
sunk deep

lately I've been trying my hand at black out poetry. Mary Shelley would probably be ashamed.

Friday, October 8, 2010

sweater weather

its only just starting to actually feel like fall (because the October date stamp failed to alert nature that it's officially autumnal weather)and to kick it off I celebrated with a week full of sweaters.

Mostly thrift store sweaters, but I did mention to my Mom how excited I was about sweater weather and she found an old sweater that my Grandma knit for her. It was in a cedar chest for a long time and I think that I smelled like a type of cologne that would be marketed under the name "lumberjack in a can". It was absolutely lovely.

seriously, comfy stuff. sweaters really are the way to go. Maybe it's time to go thrifting again so that I can stock up for winter? I am so looking forward to sweaters and scarves and being cozy all of the time.

maybe we could snuggle up together? (I'll bring the snuggie.)