Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm sick.

Boo-hoo. It's spring, it's sunny, and I'm sick. (How does this always manage to happen to me?)

Alas. I'll share with you my secrets about good health, so that you don't have to get sick too.

1. Tea. Drink it all the time.
2. Flowers. Plant them whenever you can.
3. Orange Juice. Drink it almost as often as tea.
4. Strangers. Smile at them whenever you see them.
5. Running. If you get fast enough, you can outrun sickness.

Reasons why these work:
1. Tea is magical.
2. Flowers help everything.
3. Orange juice is delicious, so it must be good.
4. If you're nice to a stranger, they won't sneeze on you.
5. Self explanatory.


I've consumed so much tea with honey in the past three days that I am (tragically!) out of honey. I've resorted to taking two more spoonfuls of sugar per cup. I'm hoping it works the same. If it doesn't, I'll keep adding more sugar until it does.

I went to my school art show last night. Too many pieces were crooked, upside down, and mislabeled. (Okay, only a couple of pieces were crooked, only two pieces were upside down (one of which was mine.) and only one that I know of was mislabeled. (Also mine.) ) Being the artistic vigilante that I am, I decided to take a stand and correct all of these grave misdoings. You're welcome.

I went to a baby shower today. I love babies. I can't wait for it to be born. I can't wait to buy adorable gender-specific clothing for it. Babies can only wear so much green before they grow tired of it.

Today is the anniversary of the day that my Grandpa proposed to my Grandma. ♥ When I called my Grandpa today, he told me the entire story. :)


Today: Call somebody you love. Ask them how their day was. Genuinely care about what they say.

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  1. 4. Strangers. Smile at them whenever you see them.

    I love doing this :] It leaves them a bit confused but happy.