Saturday, November 27, 2010


or rather, don't blink.

"The angels have the phonebox," that's my favorite, I've got that on a T-shirt."

I used the fob watch pattern from the bbc website (the fob watch from human nature/family of blood episodes in series three that was used with the chameleon arch, but I'm sure that you knew that) and a quote from blink (the episode in series three that first introduced the weeping angels, but I'm equally sure that you already knew that.)

it's a plain white v-neck shirt that I took a sharpie to last night. I think that I like the results. (and now I have something to wear for the christmas special!)

and on the back of the shirt, there's this. I'm fairly certain this will be rather unsettling for anyone sitting behind me that doesn't watch doctor who.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

x-rays, bad news, and (not so) humerus puns.

so, that pain that I was mentioning last month? well, it never really went away. and as of today, it has officially been declared as a stress fracture.

I've suspected that for a while, but wanted to believe otherwise. If wishful thinking worked, I suppose we'd all be a lot happier. I'm trying to stay positive about this, but I went all wibbly in the office this morning and started crying as soon as the doctor left.

The prognosis? No running for six weeks, and crutches.

It's really only the beginning of the winter track season, and I'm frustrated that I'm missing out on it. I'm embarrassed that I'm going to be the kid blundering around on crutches for the next month, and I'm disheartened by the number of stairs that there are in my house and at my school. I can't really move with the crutches very well at all, and the stairs in my house are considerably more difficult to maneuver up and down than those at the physical therapy office where I got crutches 101.

I'm allowed to do no-impact exercise, and while I'm glad that I can stay in relative shape for the spring track season, it means that I'm going to be spending my time in the weight room, and not at the track with the rest of the team.

Maybe I'll start stress knitting again. who knows, maybe crutch cosies will become tres chic. (after all, once people see that someone so cool and fashionable has stress fractures, they'll all want them.) Stress knitting will take on a whole new meaning. (geddit? stress fractures? stress knitting? my leg and sense of humor are both suffering.)

please do your best to bear with me while I deal with this, I'm liable to go wibbly on you and I hope that you don't judge me to harshly if I do.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


improve your stamp collection for only 2.95! It's the world's most rewarding hobby.

found tucked in between page 160 and 161 of my new old copy of Much Ado About Nothing.
(I am constantly expanding my collection of used Shakespeare plays)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

he's space gandalf

But really, SPACE GANDALF. Matt Smith, you are one GLORIOUS Doctor.

Monday, November 8, 2010

mix tapes

music of the moment. I'd call it the monday mix.

Cold Girl Fever- The National
Tangled Up in Plaid-Queens of the Stone Age
Are You Ten Years Ago- Tegan and Sarah
Within You- David Bowie
One Hit Wonderful- Reel Big Fish
Kid Gloves- Voxtrot
Tu Seras- Emma Daumas
Pink Bullets- The Shins
You Are A Runner And I Am My Father's Son- Wolf Parade
Derniere Danse- Kyo

what are you listening to?