Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spring Track: Over

Spring track season is over.

it was long: practices, workouts, days, weeks, bus-rides,
suffering from: shin splints, sore muscles, runners mentality,
enjoying every second of: runners mentality, bus-rides with friends, winning league championships!

The season just seemed to run past me. In brightly colored spandex short-shorts. (Ah, running, how I love thee.)

I can't believe it's already over.

Things I did this season: I ran. A lot. I bonded with my team. I bonded with my friends. I got big sister (on the team). I ran the 400 m. I saw friends I never see. I learned to appreciate when air enters and exits my lungs at a regular tempo. I learned to push myself to my limits every time I raced. I learned to push myself past my previous limits every time I raced. I learned to love track.

I can't imagine going through this season in any other sport. (Mainly because I'm awful at every sport with a ball.)

I am so proud of my friends for joining Track, (Ehem, joining after I threatened them into it.) and sticking with it. *J, because I know you're reading this, I'm beyond proud of you.* Every one of you always impressed me during the meets.

Dear track, THANK YOU!

P.s. I love you, my darling Track, but I think that you should know that I'm going to be disloyal to you for the next several weeks. I'm planning on drinking caffeinated sodas, eating fatty foodstuffs, and spending time NOT running. (Hey, it's been three months, give me a break!)

With Love,

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