Sunday, January 10, 2010

The year in review

(picture heavy!)

So, I am doing one of these things after all.

I suppose that I will start at the beginning, continue through the middle, and stop at the end. (Sometimes I can be just so predictable.)

It's in as much of a chronological order as I can remember it.

1. Went to the flower show.

2. Befriended a giant balloon tower.

3. Obamaaaaa!

(wall of mars mercantile. Berkeley, CA.)

and that leads us to...
4. Went to California.

(painted ladies. coit tower. cheery cherry blossoms in the japanese gardens.)

5. Ran track.

6. Saw some bookish art.

7. Picked 13 pounds of blueberries.

8. Chased hot air balloons across the sky.

10. Became a librarian.
Geeked out a lot. Alphabetized.

11. Found very convincing evidence supporting the existence of fairy magic.

12. Took a ride on a ferris wheel.

12. Had (mis)adventures in gardening.

13. Bought my very first typewriter.

14. ran cross country.
(and made varsity!)

15. Frolicked after the rain.

16. Read many good books.
and expanded my collection of second-hand literature.
organized my bookshelves, and cleared out one to make room for more books.

17. Took silly family photographs.
(Some of you know the picture I'm talking about.)

18. Celebrated!
new years was spent with friends,
and japanese food and harry potter.

And that's it! 18 things that I did in 365 days. I feel that more things should have happened, but I can't remember. Happy happy happy new year!

p.s. somewhere between numbers 4 and 6 was where I started blogging. (just in case you were wondering)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

happy new year!

I can still remember going to my first new years party in 2000. It was hosted by the after school program. We celebrated in the school cafeteria. I wore a velvet dress. Likely white tights and black shoes, but I can't be sure. There were pigs in a blanket.

it has been an entire decade since then. this is a strange thing to grasp.

2010. wow.

I hope everyone had a good one. :)
(I know that I did)

*this was where I attempted to start a to-do list for 2010, but then I realized that there were a million things that I wanted to do and I had no idea where to start.*

*this was where I was going to attempt a ta-da list for 2009, but then I realized that there was a lot of things that I did and no way to organize it all.*

So, I guess that is it. Welcome to 2010, goodbye to 2009.
Lets hope that 2010 is happy, healthy, and wonderful beyond belief.