Tuesday, February 9, 2010

hello again.

oh you know how it is.

when you get to exam month and you devote all of your time to studying and absolutely nothing else, and then you just start to be a mess in general, and then you forget to do really important things like doing the dishes or wearing socks or putting the correct amount of sugar into your tea or take a shower every night or posting on your blog?

don't even pretend like this doesn't happen to you.
Exams are back. I passed. (cue applause!)

it's been snowing. there is about a foot on the ground right now. there was more three days ago. I've been sledding twice this week. it has been absolutely delightful. (there are bruises in places I didn't even think I injured.)

I want to frolic in the snow and go sledding. I want slide across the icy patch on my driveway and pretend that I am a champion skater. I want to wear formless snow pants and I want to roll around in the snow and stare up into the sky and get dizzy from doing so.

and guess what? I have done everything that I want to do, and it has been absolutely delightful.

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  1. i was just thinking, "i hope kristen hasn't decided to stop blogging because it's trendy now!" you're way ahead of the game :)
    ps. my butt hurts a lot from monday...yeah i'm going to leave that ambiguous