Sunday, February 21, 2010

Allons-y Alonso!

It's official.

The apartment is rented and the plane tickets are purchased and I'm excited beyond belief.

I'm going to Paris.

Je vais allais a Paris dans le vacance du printemps pendant une semaine.
(or something like that)

Rather unfortunately, my french is completely horrendous.
but hey, if this isn't a learning experience I don't know what is.


  1. When?
    During the summer?

  2. Awesome!

    Also, presumably you've seen that Google ad that was so awesome and is vaguely related to Paris?

  3. dearest anonymous,
    I suppose that you can't read french. (that's okay, neither can I.)I'm spending a week there over spring break.

    dearest chris,
    I have not seen this ad. link plz?

  4. That's swell.
    Have fun eating croissants and driving on the other side of the road in France.

    Au revoir. (See, I do know French.)