Saturday, February 13, 2010


Well, rather late then never, right?
Here are some printable valentines for all of you last minute lovers.
I took some pictures of vintage valentines on display at my local library, and then played with them a little bit in Photoshop. These valentines date from between the late 1800s and the early 1900s. Hope you like them!

"To my Valentine"
two cherubs playing badminton with a heart. Sweet. (painful.)

"Valentine Greeting"
"Dear Valentine, this is no joke, I'd rather look at you than smoke."

"To One I Love"
"Accept this loving heart of mine, and be my own true Valentine."
The gold band on his hat has the words Heart & Arrow on it.

"This for remembrance."
"I pray that your heart's garden
May be get with sweetest flowers,
That your life be like the dial -
Telling none but sunny hou'rs.
-G. Clifton Bingham"

Not entirely certain if the apostrophe in hours is an apostrophe or a smudge. whoops.

Well, this one might be the most difficult to read out of the lot. (sorry!)
"Love's Tribute"
"My heart's affections clings
As faithfully to you,
As ever ivy tendrils twined
With loving grasp & true.

"Feb 14th"
No cute poem on this one I'm afraid, however, the back contained the following message:
"Mabel tells me it is my turn to go see you, but you know the trolleys are so uncertain this winter, I was afraid to venture out there..."
I suppose you can't really expect every message to be as sweet as the card it was written on.

There was a seventh card that I took a picture of, but I was not really willing to go through the messy business of cleaning it up. Too many loops and swirls and whatnot. The poem on that card was:
"Tulips, dear, how sweet they are!
But your two lips are sweeter far."

I'd love it if you used these, but if you do, please remember to credit back here!
Have a lovely valentines day! <3

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