Sunday, July 26, 2009

in the past 3 days

The past three days have been great. :)

I love having things to do. (the greatest problem that I find myself faced with during the summer months is the complete lack of activities. with nothing to do, I find myself sitting on my couch and watching the same re-runs for days at a time. While I do enjoy the ability to recite entire episodes of Avatar the last airbender (I am cool), having plans makes things more interesting.)

Thursday and Friday were spent (where else?) at the library. A special science program for children was taking place on oceanography, and I helped kids use microscopes, used a pile of solargraphic paper, and watched an old movie about undersea life. I think it was an educational disney movie, and it had classical music involved.

As a thank you for being fantastic, I got a pair of awesome safety glasses. I'm a very happy (and very geeky) kid.

Saturday was spent visiting my Grandpa. :)

We drove to his house, and spent some time together. I picked green beans from the garden in his yard. I like green beans. Being the cool guy that he is, my Grandpa had a previous engagement (visiting a neighbor for dinner) so we left at six.

Driving home, we saw these:we pulled over by the side of the road and took pictures. It was fantastic. The balloons passed directly overhead, and were low enough that you could see the features of the people inside of the baskets. The people in the baskets were waving down at us, and we were waving up at them. We took pictures of their balloons, and they took pictures of us. I thought that was a little strange, but who am I to judge?

I hope that everyone else has had as wonderful of a week (or past three days) as I have.

With love,

(P.S. those four pictures are mine. I'd kinda like them to stay that way. if you want to use them for anything, just ask me, and I'll happily give you permission. just please ask first!)

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