Sunday, July 11, 2010


inside an old nancy drew book.

rather precious, innit?

"created for
the children's book council, inc.
Hardie Gramatry"

anyways, the Nancy Drew books have been living in a cardboard box on a shelf in my basement for a couple of years, and I thought that it was time for them to come back to my bookshelf. (I went through a Nancy Drew craze in the fifth (give or take a little) grade. they were packed up and put downstairs a couple of years after that to make room on my shelves, but now I've seen the errors of my ways.)

the books are the originals, and belonged to my mom and her sisters. A large number of them have bookplates in them that my aunt (the oldest of the sisters) wrote her name on.

not really sure when this bookmark was printed, and because my memory is like a pasta strainer, so I don't know if this bookmark was mine or if it belonged to one of my cousins or to one of my aunts.

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