Saturday, July 10, 2010

dancing in the rain.

two days of solid rain are following my last post. no big deal or anything, but apparently I'm Storm from x men in disguise. I guess I'm okay with this.

I'll be figuring out what else I can do with my newly discovered superpowers, but feel free to leave a comment or shine a giant flashlight into the sky or something if you have a cat stuck in a tree or a baby in a burning building. or a baby cat in a burning tree. It's all in a days work for a superhero like me.

ps suggestions for a superhero name?


  1. Considering your creative tendencies, I recommend this site for your search in naming your alter ego:

  2. Polka Platypus and Wombat Witch were two of my favorites. (Professor Yodeler, Inebriated Flux, and Donkey Pirate would also be on my top five list.)