Wednesday, October 7, 2009


there was a kid walking around in a banana costume. he stood next to me when we were at the crosswalk this morning. somebody asked him why he was a banana.

His reply?
"It's Wednesday."*

I love my school.

One of my friends asked me to send her creative writing for the literary magazine that our school publishes. I sent her this:


there once was a frog
who lived in a bog
and hopped onto a log.
he soon met a dog.
and the frog
and the dog
on the log
in the bog
were attacked by a hog
who ate them all.

the end.

I really hope she likes it.

Sprained my ankle in cross country today. I was only a block or two from school.
The boys team ran past where I was sitting. it was embarrassing.

Limping around makes me feel pathetic, so I try to walk normally. It hurts, and then I feel more pathetic.

feeling pathetic is pathetic.

*consider this the quote of the week. I'll put it in a nicer format:

"It's Wednesday."
-Freshman dressed like a banana

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