Friday, October 8, 2010

sweater weather

its only just starting to actually feel like fall (because the October date stamp failed to alert nature that it's officially autumnal weather)and to kick it off I celebrated with a week full of sweaters.

Mostly thrift store sweaters, but I did mention to my Mom how excited I was about sweater weather and she found an old sweater that my Grandma knit for her. It was in a cedar chest for a long time and I think that I smelled like a type of cologne that would be marketed under the name "lumberjack in a can". It was absolutely lovely.

seriously, comfy stuff. sweaters really are the way to go. Maybe it's time to go thrifting again so that I can stock up for winter? I am so looking forward to sweaters and scarves and being cozy all of the time.

maybe we could snuggle up together? (I'll bring the snuggie.)

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