Sunday, October 31, 2010

oh for piet's sake

Happy Halloween!

the fact is, this costume is terrifying. It shows that someday I will be destined/doomed to be a starving art major.

I went to the art museum on one of the last days before school started (has it really been that long?) and picked up some post cards to decorate with. One of them was a piece by Piet Mondrian, and I guess that might be where this whole thing started.

The dress is the product of a Sunday afternoon, and a couple of days of work during the week after cross country practice and homework.

I bought 2 yards of white, and half a yard each of blue, red, and a goldenrod that I want to pretend is yellow. I used less than half of each of those amounts, but it's always best to buy more than you need because I will inevitably mess up with something. I also used 12 yards of black bias tape and methods that might make a better seamstress weep.

the neckline fit rather poorly when I finished it, so I fixed it the only way I know how... with a pleat.

total for the project- $15.00. I hope people won't judge me if I wear this forever.

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