Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Teatime Tuesday

Oh the alliteration!
I felt that it was appropriate, considering the amount of tea that I drank today.
(For those curious folks, that was half of a gallon.)

I'm sick. And drinking tea is the only thing that I know how to do sometimes. (I may not be very good at a lot of things, but I'm excellant at what I'm good at.) Here's the cup that I'm using.

Most of the time, when you read about me drinking tea, I'm drinking it from this mug. It holds three cups of water, making it absolutely ideal for me because of the copious amounts of tea that I always seem to find myself drinking. It was made by my very talented aunt, who has her own pottery studio. Most of the various mugs and platters around my house were made at her studio. mmmmm talent in the family.

I spent the first half of my day (okay, first two thirds... maybe three fourths.) in pajamas. I did homework, took various cold medications, and did some more homework. Spent about two hours this afternoon sitting on my front porch doing my math homework. Birds were chirping and my nose was honking like a french horn. We could have made a band. It would have been the next big thing, I promise you.

I invested an hour in researching some of the places that I want to visit... and proceeded to use google streetview to walk from my apartment to various destinations. Don't worry, I know that I'm really cool.

Here's to hoping that your day was as pleasant as mine... just without the hacking and coughing and whatnot.

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