Saturday, March 27, 2010

A bientot!

(The title should have a couple of fancy accents, but it doesn't. I hope that you find it in your heart to forgive me.)

It's the night before I leave, and I am so excited!
(And I'm packed! c'est un miracle!)
And still, despite my claims of being prepared, I'm going to inevitably find myself scrambling around the house tomorrow morning in attempt to find that one thing that I really really really need. (only to later realize that it was in the bottom of my suitcase the entire time.)

And, here is that brief point in this post where I completely veer off topic and tell you something else that you didn't really want to know.

Some mornings, you wake up and everything in the world is shiny and good and the birds sing to you as you stretch your arms to the ceiling and get dressed in something comfy. This morning, I woke up and it was cold. It was cold and dark. I got myself into my clothing for the day, but trust me when I say that it was not particularly comfortable. I ate a quick breakfast and went to the school fields with a sense of dread growing in my stomach. Close to an hour later, we arrived at the meet. I was scheduled to run in the first event of the day, the JV mile. The next hour passed slowly. Two warm up runs and dynamic stretching and changing into spikes occupied the time. my other teammate and I got to the starting line at the second call. We waited for a couple of minutes until we were given the signal to take off our warm ups. The cold was bitter and biting and I struggled to remove my sweatpants. (I struggle with a lot of things.) Too soon, we were on the line and ready and going. Six minutes and ten seconds later, it was over. Six minutes, ten seconds, and two places after the first finisher. Some mornings, you wake up and it is dark and cold. Two hours and a mile later, you realize that it's perfect running weather. I guess my first meet of the season didn't go so poorly after all.

... and now back to the topic of PARIS!

I've got a huge list of places and things that I want to see, but I'll wait until I get back to tell you about that. (how anti-climactic would the posts about what I did be if I had already told you what I was planning on doing?)

In the event that you feel overcome with sadness due to your inability to communicate with me, here is a little something to remind you of my wonderfully likable personality and girlish charm and the fact that I actually don't have either of the previously mentioned traits.

So, here is my au revoir! But have no fear, we'll see each other again soon. But for now, a bientot! Time for me to spend le printemps en Paris! :)

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