Wednesday, December 2, 2009

some days are like that.

You know the type of day

When you get out of school only to find out that it is raining

and you get onto the bus alone because all of your friends have already gone home

and you get sandwiched between two people that know each other
and they start a conversation
and glare at you occasionally because you are listening in (but its not like you can do anything about that, because they are talking right in front of you)

and cold tea spills on you

and you walk home in the cold rain without an umbrella or a hood

and you feel miserable and sorry for yourself.

(Some days are like that.)

sometimes you walk up your driveway after walking home in the rain

and you take a look at your house

and you realize that your dad put rainbow twinkle lights on the tree in your front yard while you were at school.

and your day suddenly doesn't seem so bad.

(Some days are like that too.)

1 comment:

  1. and some days, you watch robert de niro wrestling naked in placenta. and some days, you read bad poetry and make fun of it. some days, you read good poetry and gush over it.
    and some days, you spend two hours raking leaves in the rain. :) love youuu