Tuesday, September 8, 2009

oh, why hullllllllo there.

why, what is this?

a blog?

what merriment!


oh, hey, wait, this blog is mine.
But hey, at least it hasn't been a month since the last time I updated this. oh, nevermind.


But on the plus side, I have been productive in my absence!

I'm done my typeset tray (pictures on the way) and I also made something that is fantastic and mildly useful.

Later, I made a pencil case. I don't know if I will even use it, but it looks pretty.

My brother left for college (woe.) but left behind all of his music (joy!).

I went to cross country camp for a week. the food was mediocre (at best) the cabin that I stayed in had a rodent problem (chipmunks lived in the bathroom closet) and it rained constantly. It was fantastic.

Cross country season started, and it hurt to run. Many ice baths and heat pads and several days without running later I have recovered. Huzzah!

I had a strong desire to eat macaroni today. When I got home after cross country practice, I made macaroni. It was flavored with delicious accomplishment.

I am also planning a tie dye party. If it happens, pictures will be taken and uploaded here. I love tie dye. and apparently, so does everyone else that I've talked to! :D Now I need to find a place to buy RIT dye, and maybe some buckets or something. This is so exciting.

oh, and school started today. That is probably worth mentioning too.

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