Tuesday, June 9, 2009

sometimes, I need a break.

And that is where camp comes in. Sun, sailing, and sleeping in a room with people you don't know.

Relaxing, isn't it? I'm excited. I can't wait. I'm in the process of packing.

I can't seem to focus on anything at the moment. I've already started writing a list of things I'm going to need to buy for the coming school year. (This year hasn't even officially finished yet.) I've gotten halfway through my camp packing, and I'm worrying about what is going to happen three months from now.

Ho hum.

On the note of having school let out, my brother is graduating. Strange. Sad. Not that emotional, considering he is going to college in the city. I live close to a train station. He will live close to a train station. We really won't be too far apart.

A conversation that I had about my brother going to college:

Pi: So, he's not going to be that far away. I mean, if I wanted to, I could jump on a train with a plate of pancakes, get off ten stops later, and give him the plate of pancakes. They'd still be hot.
E: You know, you could just get onto a train, put the pancakes on a seat, and have him get the pancakes at his stop.
P: ... I guess.
E: Yeah, it would work out really well! He could put the empty plate back on the seat, and then you could get it when the train came back around. You could even put more pancakes on the plate!

Conversations between friends are strange. Friends are strange. People are strange. I hope they never change.

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