Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm home.

Things that happened:
rain, sun, heat, cold, grilled cheese, sailing, survival craft, dance 'till you drop, glow sticks, grilled cheese, shortage of shorts, excess of socks, zombie game, deathball, s'mores, learned about the many uses of sassafrases trees, etc.

Things that have happened since I got home:
Gave the woman who delivered my mail a hydrangea flower (blue), started a job as a dog walker, watered my plants, called my grandpa, hung out with friends, ate cookies, etc.

Things that will happen now that I am home:
My best friends will be leaving me to go internationally.

A blessing about having some of your closest friends living near you is that you always have someone to hang out with. Except when they all decide to leave the country for the next month(+)! If that happens, you are all alone. Sigh.

My friend E. is going out of the country for (correct me if I'm wrong!) seven weeks. Not a cool situation. I am, however, going to creating the best care package known man. And I will send it to her. And it will be EPIC.

Life is going to be lonely without her here, and I am probably going to take a turn for the weirder. When she is around, our peculiarities (such as thinking that everything is going to taste as it smells, and thinking that nobody dies in Canada) seem pretty regular. Without her, I'm going to be some type of freak.

More detail on almost everything I have a list for will appear soon, in a different post. I wanted to give each of these a post, but E. wanted me to give her a blog post before she left.

So here it is. Sorry if it's lame. and sorry if it barely talks about you at all. It's close to one in the morning and I want sleep.

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  1. i'm in town. but we didn't hang out, and i'm leaving in two days - does that make me a bad friend? i guess you can blog about me, though. if you absolutely insist...wink wink.