Sunday, September 5, 2010

is it worth more than 1000 words?

oh no not again. I'm so indecisive and so I think that I'll wish on spare change and fountains. started a couple of weeks into summer vacation, and have been folding them while I watch tv. at least I got it done before the school year started? (t minus two days now)

they're really rather small- 1/16th of a regularly sized piece of origami paper. (because I don't want to have to deal with the storage of 1000 full sized paper cranes. you understand- don't you?)

this is my second time making 1000 paper cranes with this paper- it's all left over from the origami page-a-day calendar that my parents gave me in 2006. I'll use it up eventually. (I hope.)

best wishes to all of you for the academic year- and for cross country season- and for autumn- and for the year- and for life. :)

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