Sunday, May 9, 2010

Apparently it's been a year.

Apparently I've had a blog for an entire year. That's a surprise.
And I didn't even make a blog post about it on the right day! That's a little sad.

So, happy (ever so slightly belated) birthday blog! I wrote you some haiku:

I have had this blog
for over a single year
but I'm still not cool.

it's not your birthday.
I'm sorry that I forgot
here, have a cupcake.

this is not witty
though I yearn for it to be
I'll try hard next time.

keys click-clack and I
would like to apologize
for forgetting you.

blog blog blog blog blog
you are a very good blog
blog blog blog blog blog

here's to hoping that my haiku skills and blogging ability will improve over time.

With lurve,


  1. Your blog is v cool.
    Here is a haiku to say
    thank you for writing.

  2. thanks for your comment!
    despite anonymity
    you are very nice.